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kazakhmysMeet Beibut, Rinat, Sasha, Nazym, Karina and Igor. They all have a stake in Kazakhmys because, like so many people in Kazakhstan, they benefit from our investment in the community. For example, their nursery in the city of Zhezkazgan is funded by Kazakhmys. We also finance the building of schools, hospitals and infrastructure: $88 million last year alone. Why? Because we believe in sharing our success with the nation that provides our resources. We are the world’s tenth largest producer of copper, and our processes are fully integrated from mining to finished metal. We also produce silver, gold and zinc. And with $2.7 billion worth of new finance in place, we’ve begun major growth projects to build on our success. Which is great news for Beibut and his friends. After all, what’s good for Kazakhmys is good for Kazakhstan.

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